Getting Started

Can I get a demo account for Hosted Project Server?

The best way to test out our product is to sign up for a Hosted Project Server plan and see how it works for you.  If you cancel in the first 30 days for any reason, we will refund your money back.

How do I go about setting up a hosted Project Server 2010 account?

The first step is to sign up for a plan that suits your needs.  On signup, the account will be setup within hours.

What information is needed to sign up?

We need basic information such as company name and valid credit card information. You can bring your own domain, use our subdomain, or purchase a domain name from us to link with your site.

How soon after signup is the Project Server account ready to use?

Usually an account is ready in a few hours once the customer sign ups online with us.  However, it might take us one business day for setting up any Project Server instances.

How many Project Server instances does one get with an account?

By default we provide one Project Server instance per account.  This will be available to your users who have valid permissions and login details to login into your Project Server site.  This can be your production instance or test instance.  If you need a both then you would need to have another Project Server instance.  In other words, you need to have a test instance which can have less users and a production instance which can have all your users.  They both will be billed separately.

What kind of access is available to each paid user?

Each paid user is allowed access to the server through Project Web App or Project Professional 2010. However the Project Professional 2010 client software is not included in the price and needs to be purchased separately.

What are the services are provided as part of the startup process?

We have designed and service the hosted Project Server solutions in such a way that the hosted software runs in a reliable and secure way right from the beginning. We provide 24×7 sales and technical support to customers via e-mail/chat and phone for any issues related to hosting.  Regarding the application functionality and configuration to business needs, Apps4Rent does not provide any advice beyond technical issues.  There are various training materials and videos on the Internet that can help your users learn about Project Server.  We do not provide any formal training services on Project Server, but customers may find the material on our blog and support knowledgebase helpful.

I have an existing Project Server site, how do I migrate the site to your hosted Project Server account?

We provide free migration help.  We will need the database backup of your Project Server implementation.  Once the signup is done, we will provide you the FTP location to upload the backups. Once we have the backup, we restore it in a test environment first and on successful restoration, restore on the production server.  Typical migrations are completed in 24 hours timeframe.

Security and Reliability

Where are your data centers located?

Data is located in our SAS 70 Type II certified data centers in New York and New Jersey that have access to multiple independent bandwidth providers which connect to the internet backbone.

Will data at any point reside in the US?

At all times the data will be hosted in US based data centers located in New York and New Jersey.

Is your environment built for automatic failover?

Yes. The Project Server environment is built for High Availability and Disaster Recovery.

What is the frequency of your backup?

We take incremental backups daily and full backups on a weekly basis.


Plan Details

Do your hosted Project Server plans include a full instance of SharePoint Server 2010?

Yes, you get nearly all of SharePoint 2010 Enterprise edition features with any hosted Project Server plan. The exceptions are some features such as Performance Point services which are implementable only in a dedicated server solution.

Does Project Server 2010 include project portfolio management?

Yes. Project Server 2010 has a tight integration between enterprise project portfolio management and project management functions.

Can we choose to have greater availability?

Our hosted Project Server instance is designed for 99.99 % reliability via redundancy in key servers and automatic failover mechanism.  If you are looking for more than 99.99% availability, we have other designs as fully dedicated solutions with greater clustering and redundancy.

Is capacity on a committed or on an “As Available” basis?

The specified server capacity is committed.  You can add users or add more space based on your needs.

Will we need to add additional licenses/CALs to be able to use your solution?

You will not need to add additional CALs from your own side.  We charge customers based on per user and those are the CALs that are needed for users to login.  When more user logins are needed; they can be purchased by you at an additional charge of $24 per user per month.  You have the option of purchasing Microsoft Project Professional as a desktop application directly from Microsoft.  However, this application is not mandatory to connect to the Project Server Instance.

Do you offer dedicated Microsoft Project Server plans?

Yes we do offer dedicated Project Server plans. Dedicated server solutions are custom built.  However, the simplest of the dedicated Project Server comes with 4 GB of RAM with MS SQL Standard and is priced at $495 per month.  Project Server users are charged $24 per user per month.

What’s the architecture for dedicated Project Server solutions?

If you wish to go for dedicated Project Server environment; then you can choose from standalone server or a farm environment which can be further enhanced by adding High Availability whereby each server will have a failover for increased uptime.

Do all plans support MS Project Server 2010 features?

Yes you can choose any project server plans in the given link and you would have all the features for Project Server 2010.

Your Enterprise Plans seems to max out at 30 users. How can I add more users?

You can add additional users at incremental price of $24/user/month.

Payment Terms

What is the minimum contract obligation?

The contract is month-to-month based and there are no long-term commitments.

What will be the discount for longer term commitment?

There is a 10% discount on annual payments.

Will your plan charges get refunded?

If you cancel the account within first 30 days of signing up then the plan charges will be refunded.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, there are no long-term contracts.  We bill on monthly basis so you can cancel our service at any point of time, and billing will stop from the next monthly cycle.

What is the cost of data extraction from the hosted Project Server site?

You can either use Microsoft Project Professional to connect to the location without any additional charges or we can upload the data to a FTP location from where you can download the data for a charge of $100.

What is the cost for additional storage?

There is a monthly cost for additional disk space at $60 per 10 GB.

Product Features

What are the templates that you provide in addition to those that come with MS Project Server 2010?

We provide the templates which are provided by Microsoft along with the Project Server 2010.  You do have the option of building your own templates and solutions. If the custom solutions need server side changes then you will need to a dedicated Project Server environment.

What are the workflows provided as part of the hosted Project Server solution?

The workflow included is the Sample Proposal Workflow.

How can we add new more report templates or workflows?

You can add new workflows with SharePoint Designer 2010. These workflows can be added to the free SharePoint site which you get as a default feature.

How can one load and update Master Plans?

You can use Microsoft Project Professional 2010 to create and publish Master Plans.

What languages are available for Project Web Apps?

Project Web Apps and server are available in multiple languages.

Can MS Project Professional 2010 connect to the hosted Project Server?

With our Hosted Project Server 2010 offering most of the tasks can be carried out from the PWA (Project Web App) instance.  However, Project Professional 2010 can be used to connect to the Hosted Project Server instance.

Does the service allow for reports and dashboards that are specific to my work only?

You can generate reports with our Hosted Project Server 2010 service.  If you would like to create a Dashboard then you would need our Dedicated Project Server offering.  However, most of the features of DashBoard can easily be attained using Reporting Services available in our Hosted Project Server offering.

Is it possible to integrate Project Server with our Active Directory?

Active Directory integration is possible with our Dedicated Project Server Offerings.  A VPN should be setup between your Active Directory server and our server.  There are additional VPN charges of $75 per month and a one-time setup fee of $150.

Do you provide a sandbox environment?

Yes. We do provide a sandbox environment.


Service Features

Do you offer 24×7 support?

Yes. Support is available 24 X 7 via chat/phone and e-mail.

Do you offer support in any other language other than English?

At this time, we offer support only in English. The product itself is available in multiple languages.

What uptime availability do you provide for hosted Project Server?

We provide 99.99% uptime availability.

Does Apps4Rent offer training service in Project Web Apps, Project Server, and Project Professional ?

We do not provide hourly basis training for any of our Hosted Offerings. Our expertise is in hosting and managing Project Server environments. We do provide 24×7 support for our Project Server customers via e-mail/chat and phone.  We also have various support articles that our customers can refer too for easy assistance.



Does Apps4Rent have a Project Server offering for resellers?

We have direct customers from more than 50 countries across the world.  We also have reseller options for those who are interested in reselling our Project Server offering.